GT Water Products Pumps-A-Lot Water Pump Kit

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    GT Water Products Pumps-A-Lot Water Pump Kit:
    • Water pump kit
    • Unique way to efficiently discharge unwanted water from pools, spas, pool covers, ponds, aquariums, window wells, washing machines, construction sites, basements, boats and much more
    • Utilizes water pressure to empty flooded areas
    • Moves up to 800 gallons per hour using only one gal for every six emptied
    • Can lift water up to 15' depending on PSI with no priming
    • Can empty standing water to within 1/8" of the surface
    • Simply attach garden hose to one end and a discharge hose to the other end, submerge pump into water and turn on the faucet
    • Includes water pump and 8' x 1-1/4" discharge hose

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