Magnetic Fromwork

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    With the help of magnetic formwork, you can realize any, even the most difficult task when forming flat reinforced concrete products with a height of 50mm to 600mm. The problem of fixing embedded parts, hollow formers, chamfers and rusts was also solved.

    1) Steel Table
    2) The shuttering plate (steel, wood, polywood)
    3) Magnet
    4) Adapter
    5) A magnet for attaching the flexible board
    6) Adapter for flexible board
    7) Flexible steel board

    - reduction of working time costs (up to 70%) when installing boards and embedded parts;

    - no need to use welding, cutting headscarves, cleaning the table with a grinder, repair of molding tables;

    - receiving products of any configuration, including radial;

    - promptly respond to design changes of standard serial products

    - the ability, if necessary, to make individual orders according to customer drawings.
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