Products are New and Original: Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB / Space Grey / Silver / Gold.

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    Hello. "GeFix Digital Electronics Trading Company LLC" Offer you to purchase Apple products at wholesale prices.
    Products are New and Original.
    Comes with Apple official 1 Year international warranty.
    Sealed in box with complete.
    We accept returns within 90 days.
    Neverlock: Phone supports any network operator in the world of GSM/CDMA.
    Such a phone will work with any SIM-cards of mobile communications around the world.
    Neverlock (unlocked, officially unlocked, factory unlock, never locked, never locked) - IPhone that is not initially “connected” to a mobile operator. Such a phone will work with any SIM-cards of operators without any external software or hardware influences.
    The goods are delivered to any country in the world directly to your doorstep without any delay.
    Fast delivery and warranty service: DHL Express, FedEx Express, UPS Express, TNT Express
    Delivery takes only 3 - 5 business days worldwide, the courier will deliver it to you at the address you specified (you can specify the address, place of residence or place of work).
    The delivery service will contact you by phone to clarify when it will be convenient for you to receive your goods.
    Upon request, we will send you a price list with wholesale prices for all Apple products.
    If you are interested in our offer, please contact us at WhatsApp +1 315 570 8834.
    Export Sales Manager: Brian Robertson.
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