U-Disk Spy Flip Cam Mini Portable Hidden Surveillance Video Camcorder

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    • Fast Action Recording: The quick-flip action on the SpyDrive is designed for on-the-fly filming. Just pop it open, power, and record . Then power down, close it when you’re finished. After being idle for more than a minute, it will automatically power down.
    • Get the Whole Picture: By recording both audio and video, it makes sure your videos tell the whole story. It records high quality, 30 frames-per-second, 1280x960 video and clear 22 kHz audio.
    • Fast Charging and Long Lasting: The SpyDrive rechargeable battery gets powered up through the included USB cable, and gets a full charge in just 2 hours. You will be able to carry it around with you and catch bits of footage for weeks, or record for a full hour nonstop. If you keep it plugged into your computer, it can charge and record simultaneously.
    • Take It Anywhere: The SpyDrive measures just 1.75 x 0.75 x 0.4 inches and has a built-in key ring attachment, making it easy to take with you everywhere, and keeping it right at your fingertips when you need it.
    • Convenient Memory Cards: It stores your videos on easily available MicroSD or MicroSDHC memory cards up to 16GB, and can also store any other data you want. A 16GB card will hold 10 hours of footage before it starts erasing the oldest footage to store the newest.
    • Also a Thumb Drive: Use the SpyDrive as your daily USB thumb drive, furthering the illusion that this is just an ordinary device. Store files and upload them to your computer as you please. And when the moment is right, leave the SpyDrive strategically placed to see what you cannot.
    • Know When Footage Was Taken: The SpyDrive automatically stamps the time and date onto all of your footage, ensuring accuracy of your records.
    • Easy To Use and Universally Compatible: The SpyDrive shoots in the widely recognized .AVI video format and comes with a USB cable to upload your footage to the computer. It’s compatible with Windows and Mac, with no special software or drivers to download.
    • The Perfect Disguise: At your desk, on the kitchen counter, hanging from your keys, or plugged into your computer, the SpyDrive looks perfectly at home. Nobody will suspect you’re using this thumb drive as a camera. The SpyDrive’s clever case allows it to hide in plain sight. Unlike filming with a video camera or smartphone, your subjects will have no idea they’re being filmed, allowing you to truly capture the most candid moments.

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