Unique Bargains Classy Wire Mesh Scissor Pen Pencil Holder School Office Desktop Organizer

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    Classy Wire Mesh Scissor Pen Pencil Holder School Office Desktop Organizer


    • This Netty Pen Holder organizes your pens and keeps your desktop clean and tidy.
    • The Round Pen Holder holds plenty of pens, pencils, rulers, markers and highlighters on your desktop. It is also handy for small tools.
    • Made of durable metal material, excellent craftsmanship.
    • This Metal Pen Holder has netty appearance and it is ideal for decorating your desk.
    • The Black Pen Holder is durable, hygienic and easy to clean.
    • Color: Black.
    • Size: 9cm in diameter ( at the top ), 9.7cm high. Approx.
    • Weight: 72g.

    Package Contains:

    • 1 x Black Netty Pen Holder

    For CALIFORNIA residents only:

    WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
    Please note that by posting this Proposition 65 warning, we are notifying you that one or more of the Proposition 65 listed chemicals may be present in a product. With Unique Bargains' products, the exposure to these chemicals may be of no significant risk to you, but out of caution, we have elected to place this warning on our site to make sure our customers are informed.

    You can find more infomation at http://www.oehha.ca.gov/proposition-65/about-proposition-65.


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